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Japan Cherry Blossom: Japan covered with white-pink flowers, for the first time in 1200 years, why did scientists bother so quickly?


Every year in the spring, the land of Japan is covered with beautiful flowers. White and pink cherry blossom flowers bloom everywhere and their leaves are spread on the streets. The excitement of seeing this ‘Sakura’ is also very special among the people and tourists come from far and wide to see this view. However, this year this season has come sooner than before and it is over soon. This is a record in itself that scientists are worried about. Indeed, they believe that climate change has affected this weather.

Temperature has increased to 3.5 ° C


Researcher Yasuyuki Aano of Osaka Prefecture University collected data from Kyoto of 812 AD, according to a CNN report. Based on historical documents and diaries, he came to know that for the first time in more than 1200 years this year, Cherry Blossom was at its peak. This year its peak in Kyoto came on 26 March and in the capital Tokyo on 22 March. This is the second time in Tokyo it has arrived so quickly. Aono stated that temperature has a great effect on Sakura Bloom. Only the effect of temperature can cause the flowers to bloom and the bloom to remain full or late. According to him, the temperature was low in 1820 but has increased 3.5 degrees Celsius since then. This time the temperature in winter was very low here but summers are coming fast and the temperature is high.

Date changes every year

Dr. Luis Ziska of Columbia Universities Environmental Health Sciences says that the rise in global temperature has had an effect on early flowering. Cherry Blossom’s peak date varies every year. It depends on things like weather and rain, but the trend suggests that it is happening earlier. Peak in Kyoto has been in the middle of April for centuries but began to arrive during the early 1800s. It has happened only a few times in March.

There is a big crisis in front

According to Amos Tye, assistant professor of earth science at Hong Kong’s Chinese University, “early bloom may be just a glimpse of the problem and the impact of natural systems and countries’ economies on a global scale.” The temperature is rising due to urbanization and climate change. This affects not only the tourists but also the other species of animals as they are all interlinked. Along with the flowering of flowers, the growth of insects is also associated. If the flowers have already blossomed during their growth, then they will have a nutritional problem. Similarly, if there are no insects at the time of flowering, then pollination will be difficult.


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