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Hubble took a picture of a ‘diamond necklace’ adorned in space, the stars burst together to create Necklace Nebula


This ‘defeat’ shows how beautiful two stars ending up in space look together. In the black background, the ring decorated with gas balloons is 15,000 light years away from the earth. Situated in the constellation named Sagitta, this Nebula resembles a diamond necklace. It is named due to its size Necklace nebula And its picture was taken by Hubble.

Two stars like the sun make up the Necklace Nebula. It is also called PN G054.203.4. According to NASA, Nebula is formed after a star bursts. The ring-like shape seen in the picture spans 12 trillion miles. The explosion caused by the explosion of the star emits gases which gather and glow and resemble diamonds in a necklace.

A nebula is actually a giant cloud in space made up of dust and gas. Some nebulae are formed from the gas and dust emanating from a burst of dying stars, such as a supernova. At the same time, some nebulae are areas where stars are formed, that is, the birthplace of stars. Because of this some nebula is called ‘Star Nursery’. Nebula are found in certain forms such as eagles, butterflies, etc.

This picture was taken earlier but the new image has been prepared with the help of advanced processing techniques. It is made by combining different pictures of Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.


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