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Henry Every: The world’s most wanted pirate, Aurangzeb’s gold looted, raped with Muslims, now the secret of death will open


The secret of the death of Captain Henry Ivory, the world’s most wanted pirate who looted billions of rupees of gold and silver by attacking Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s famous seaplane Ganj-e-Sawai, can now be revealed. A large number of Muslim pilgrims were also aboard the ship, who were returning to India after performing Haj in Mecca. Actually, 17th century gold and silver coins have been found from Rhode Islands in the state of New England of America. The British pirates, infamous with these coins, may reveal Captain Henry’s extermination. Let’s know the full story of Captain Henry’s cruelty ….

Aurangzeb’s treasure looted, raped with Muslims

On September 7, 1695, pirate Captain Henry’s ship Fancy attacked Aurangzeb’s ship Ganj-e-Sawai in the Arabian Sea. The attacking ship was led by Captain Henry. This British robber robbed the royal ship of the Indian emperor Aurangzeb. On this ship, besides the pilgrims returning from Mecca, gold and silver worth billions of rupees were loaded. Aurangzeb was among the most powerful people in the world at that time. Captain Henry was declared the most wanted pirate or criminal in the world at that time due to the looting of the royal ship. Henry was brutally murdered by these pilgrims and raped women. Captain Henry then escaped near the Bahamas. The Bahamas was called the Paradise of Pirates.

Aurangzeb put pressure on the king of Britain, declared a prize

According to historical facts, when Emperor Aurangzeb came to know about this attack and heinous crime, he put great pressure on the then King William III of Britain. After this, the East India Company of Britain declared a big prize on the head of Captain Henry. The East India Company at that time traded with India. He was forced to take this step. Captain Henry did not catch anyone. Hitherto historians have known that Captain Henry moved to Ireland in 1696. Since then there was no information about him. After the medieval coin was found, the historian Bailey says that the coinage is evidence that Captain Henry and his companions had gone to America after plundering the Indian ship. This is why they used to loot to run their daily expenses.

Historians blossom by seeing the words in Arabic in coins

For the first time in 2014, an entire coin was found in a farm in Middletown. After this, when the area was examined by a metal detector, they got indications. After this, historians excavated. In this excavation, he found a silver coin which was initially thought to be Spanish or local. However, when this coin was examined, it was written in Arabic. Research revealed that the coin was made in 1693 in Yemen. After this, the historians were shocked. At the time of this coin, America did not have any trade with the Gulf countries at that time. Since this discovery, 15 other Arabic coins have so far been collected from Massachusetts and the Rhode Islands. These secrets can reveal the secret of Henry’s death.


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