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Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower: The rain of stars will be from the sky on Thursday, the day will look like day


The US space agency NASA has said that there will be rain of stars from the sky on Thursday this week. During this time, about 20 stars will be seen breaking every hour during the night. Actually, on Thursday Eta aquarids meteor shower Thursday will remain at its peak. This shower is caused by the passing of the earth near the wreckage of the Haley comet in 1986. Whose speed is slow now, but it will be the highest on Thursday.

Amazing view will be seen on the night of 6 May
NASA said that on the night of May 6, the rain of stars can be seen from the sky in many countries around the world. This incident can be seen sporadically till Saturday. NASA said that you will not need a telescope to see this rain of stars, although you may have to wait for a long time. Therefore, look for some good options to sit under the open sky at night.

Stars can be seen without binoculars
This shower can best be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. However, it will also be visible in most parts of the earth. NASA says meteor shower The best way to see is without any equipment. You just choose a dark place and look at the clear sky from there.

meteor shower 02

This view is seen every year in April and May
The Eta Aquarids are named after the Aquarius (Aquarius) constellation. It is seen falling every April and May every year. For the people of the Northern Hemisphere, the brightness in the sky will not be very high, so these should be seen on the horizon in the south direction. At the same time, people living in the Southern Hemisphere will see this splash of stars quite brightly.

Meteor showers will be seen with a long query
NASA wrote on its website that the glow of the constellation Eta Aquarids of Aquarius will be more visible in the Southern Hemisphere. During this time, they will be seen in the sky with long tail lights spreading. According to the Royal Museum Greenwich, you should move away from street lights and light to find a safe and dark place to see the best way.

meteor shower 03

So every year we give
Meteorites are fragments that enter the atmosphere at speeds up to 148,000 miles per hour. Due to friction with the Earth’s atmosphere, these objects made of ice, steam and rock appear to be leaving a streak of light. The main reason for their birth is through the path of a big comet of the earth. These comets pass a long time ago and leave small pieces behind them. Therefore, every year this rain of stars appears on a fixed date.


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