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Corona virus made for pregnant women in Brazil, country shaken by 800 deaths



  • Corona virus is becoming an epidemic period for pregnant women in Brazil
  • The whole country shook with the death of 800 women soon after becoming pregnant and mother in Brazil.
  • Alert to postpone women planning to conceive for a while

This is becoming an epidemic for pregnant women in Brazil battling the corona virus. The whole country has been shaken by the death of 800 women in Brazil soon after becoming pregnant and mother. Country officials have warned women to postpone their conception plans for some time. More than 4 lakh people have died of the Corona virus so far in Brazil.

According to a Brazilian taskforce, at least 803 women died in Brazil after giving birth to a corona epidemic in February last year. Of these, 432 women died this year. Corona virus has reached the most dangerous level in Brazil this year. Recently Brazilian newspapers were full of news of the deaths of pregnant women.
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Concerns are being raised about the health of pregnant women in the world amidst the havoc of the corona virus. But experts warn that the situation in Brazil is more dangerous than in other parts of the world. This is the reason why the authorities have warned women to delay pregnancy until the Corona havoc subsides in Brazil. According to an estimate, 77.5 percent of the total deaths of pregnant women due to corona in the world have occurred in Brazil.

Global corona epidemic cases 153.1 million

According to Johns Hopkins University, the global corona epidemic has peaked at 153.1 million cases and caused more than 3.20 million deaths. In its latest update on Tuesday morning, the university’s Center for System Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global caseload and mortality rates were 153,177,931 and 3,209,349. According to CSSE, the US remains the worst-ranked country with the highest number of 32,470,363 and 577,492 deaths in the world.
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In terms of infection, India ranks second with 19,925,604 cases. Other countries with more than two million confirmed coronavirus cases are Brazil (14,779,529), France (5,717,160), Turkey (4,900,121), Russia (4,776,844), UK (4,437,505), Italy (4,050,708), Spain (3,540,430), Germany (3,540,430) ), Are Germany. 3,438,186), Argentina (3,021,179), Colombia (2,905,254), Poland (2,805,756), Iran (2,555,587), Mexico (2,349,900) and Ukraine (2,140,838). In terms of deaths, Brazil ranks second with 408,622 people. The nations with more than 50,000 deaths are India (218,959), Mexico (217,345), UK (127,797), Italy (121,433), Russia (109,341), France (105,291), Germany (83,362), Spain (78,293).


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