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Jasprit Bumrah’s comment did not come on Sanjana Ganesan’s photo, the user enjoyed this way


new Delhi: Anchor Sanjana Ganesan is very active on social media after taking 7 rounds with Jasprit Bumrah. In the latest picture, she is winning the hearts of cricket fans with her smile, even Sanjana’s fans are not behind in giving them a competition.

Sanjana said – ‘Muskurao’

Sanjana Ganesan posted her photo on Instagram and wrote, ‘Smile, be thankful, seek the good in man’. The most special thing in this picture is Sanjana’s smile. Through this post, she is advising people to smile in all circumstances.

Sanjana in a stylish look

Sanjana Ganesan has carried a red color shirt. She also paired with this blue denim shorts. Sanjana has greatly accentuated this look of hers. He carried the band Ring with Bangles in his hands. He is wearing a gold chain around the neck and carries a stone earpiece in his ears. Also, he has kept his hair open by doing outer curls.

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User is waiting for Bumrah’s comment

When there was no reaction of Jasprit Bumrah on this photo of Sanjana Ganesan, a user wrote, I am waiting for the comment of the cameraman. Although this person did not take Bumrah’s name, but his gesture was only on Sanjana’s husband.

When Sanjana became a photographer, Bumrah

Sanjana Ganesan had posted an Instagram photo in which she is seen amidst the deep waters of the sea, she wrote in the caption, ‘Few memories are as important as the whole life.’ To this, her husband Jasprit Bumrah prankly commented, ‘Wow, the person who clicked this picture is really awesome.’

Sanjana’s brilliant reply on Bumrah’s comment

His wife Sanjana Ganesan gave a brilliant reply to this fun-filled comment of Jasprit Bumrah, he wrote, Jaspreet, that’s why I got married to that person. Sanjana’s presence is being liked by her fans, people are not tired of praising this anchor.


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