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BCCI in trouble due to postponement of IPL 2021, loss of more than 2 thousand crores may happen


New Delhi: The tournament has been suspended indefinitely after the entry of Coronavirus in the Bio Bubble of IPL 2021. This decision is not so easy for BCCI.

BCCI forced to postpone IPL

The IPL postponement may cause BCCI to lose more than 2 thousand crore rupees in broadcast and sponsorship money. The BCCI was forced to postpone the IPL after several cases of corona virus were reported between players and support staff in New Delhi and Ahmedabad in the last few days.

Loss of more than 2000 crores

A senior BCCI official told PTI on the condition of anonymity, ‘We may have a loss of 2000 to 2500 crores from postponement of this season in the middle. I would say that the amount of Rs 2200 crore will be more accurate. ‘

IPL 2021 happened just 24 days

This 52-day 60-match tournament was to conclude in Ahmedabad on 30 May. However, cricket was played for only 24 days and during this period the tournament had to be postponed due to Coronavirus after 29 matches.

There will be loss in broadcast

The biggest loss to the BCCI will be the amount received from the broadcasting officer of the tournament from Star Sports. The 5-year agreement of Star is worth Rs 16 thousand 347 crore, which is more than 3 thousand 269 crore every year. If there are 60 matches in a season, then the amount of each match is about 54 crore 50 lakh rupees.

Loss in sponsorship also

If Star pays according to every match, then the amount of 29 matches is about 1580 crore rupees. In such a situation, the board will incur a loss of 1690 crores. Similarly, the mobile manufacturer Vivo pays Rs 440 crore every season as the title sponsor of the tournament and due to the postponement of the tournament, BCCI is expected to get less than half the amount.

There may be many more losses

BCCI will have to bear further losses due to postponement of IPL. There are also subsidiary sponsoring companies such as Unacademy, Dream 11, Seared, Upstocks and Tata Motors, each of which pays around Rs 120 crore per season.

Loss over expectation

The official said, ‘All the payments should be reduced in half or something and you will incur a loss of about Rs 2200 crores. Actually the loss may be much more than this but it is the estimated loss of the season. The loss will also reduce the amount of the Central Revenue Pool (BCCI which distributes the money to eight franchisees) by about half.

Loss of players

The official, however, did not say how much damage would be done to each franchise due to the suspension of the tournament. Players will be paid amount according to time instead of ratio. If the player has kept himself available for a part of the tournament, then the salary will be according to the ratio.

Franchises make losses possible

A senior player, however, said that the ratio would be applicable only when a player would voluntarily make himself available for some part of the tournament. The organizers have stopped the tournament in the middle and in such a situation the franchise is likely to lose at least half of the season.


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