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Sasural Simar Ka 2 actress Vibha Bhagat revealed, two times in the corona era


New Delhi: Television actress Vibha Bhagat is currently appearing in the second season of Sasural Simar Ka show (Sasural Simar Ka 2). His time may have been better now, but his last two years were full of difficulties. He struggled a lot in the last two years and lost a lot, but in the midst of all this he kept himself. She fought hard and overcome mental and financial troubles. Now he has spoken openly about his struggle.

Father’s death and financial crisis again

Vibha Bhagat says, ‘The last two years have been the most difficult professionally and personally for me. My father passed away and I could not find work. Because of this, I was not only broken economically, but was also completely shattered emotionally. There also came a time when I was able to buy only one time of food in a day. Even if someone used to buy fruit, sometimes she would buy a packet of biscuits. But we artists never talk about it because we have chosen such a life, but despite all this, Sasural Simar Ka 2 started and I got work.

Strengthened myself

Vibha Bhagat said, ‘These two years taught me what I really want from my life. I focused on myself by self-grooming and gave myself time. I have PCOS and thyroid, so I made sure it did not go away. For this, I did a three-hour workout every day at home and in this way I was able to bring back my inner spark. I did painting, meditation and cooking, everything that made me feel good about myself and my existence.

Used to have anxiety attacks

Vibha Bhagat further says, ‘I cannot ignore the fact that I used to have Anxiety Attacks, but somehow I got over it all. My friends play a very big role in motivating me because it is a long period and anyone can break in such a difficult time. ‘

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