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Police arrested those who defrauded in the name of Sonu Sood, the actor said such thanks


new Delhi: Actor Sonu Sood thanked the Telangana police on Tuesday for nabbing the person who defrauded him. The person is accused of using the name of Sonu Sood to cheat people and take money from them through social media.

Sonu Sood’s adviser told himself

According to the report, the accused cheated people by claiming to be Sonu Sood’s advisor. The actor has also given advice to fraudsters. He has advised them to avoid such activities and said that if they do not improve, they will soon be behind bars.

Sonu said a big thing in the tweet

Tagging the police, Sonu Sood wrote in his tweet, ‘Thank you for helping us catch the culprits who cheat the needy. I request all the fraudsters to stop their activities, otherwise they will soon be behind bars. Stop cheating poor people.

Muzaffarpur in Bihar is accused

The name of this alleged accused is being told as Ashish Kumar, who is a resident of Muzaffarpur in Bihar. He was arrested on 4 April by the Cyber ​​Crime Police Unit of Cyberabad Police.

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