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Anupamaa Written Update: Now Kavya will not wait for Vanraj? Increasing proximity from Anirudh


new Delhi: Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey of the serial ‘Anupamaa’ (TV Show Anupamaa) may be struggling with Corona, but the drama in the show is still not reduced. Till now, the story of Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce was going on in the story. Now but a twist has arrived in the show. Seeing this, it seems that now both will not be divorced. The closeness between Kavya and her husband Anirudh is increasing.

Rakhi expels Kavya from home

It is seen in the serial ‘Anupamaa’ that Rakhi becomes very happy after coming to Shah House. Rakhi kicks out Kavya as soon as she becomes the mistress of Shah House. In such a situation, Kavya becomes homeless, but she does not go to her first husband Anirudh because she had left her husband’s house on her own. As soon as Shah is away from the family, Kavya starts crying bitterly.

First husband came to Kavya

As soon as Anirudh comes to know, he runs away. Anirudh will meet Kavya and tell him how much he wants him. Kavya hugs Anirudh and starts crying. After seeing this, it seems that Kavya will come close to Phil Anirudh. In the upcoming episodes, it will now be seen whether Vanraj will mind this relationship. In such a situation, it is also felt that Kavya will no longer wait for Vanraj’s divorce and will return to her old husband, but it will not be that easy as there are many obstacles in the path of Anupamaa.

Anupama makes fun

Let me tell you, in the last episode, Vanraj and Anupama go on a picnic with the whole family before divorce. Seeing Anupamaa and Vanraj together, Kavya (Madalsha Sharma) starts burning inside. On the other hand, Anupama has a lot of fun with Vanraj. Anupama spends a great time with her husband during a picnic and thinks that these days will not come again. As soon as Anupama leaves, Rakhi takes over the reins of Shah House. Rakhi has now made Shah House her home.

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Anupamaa wants to do Rudrashan as soon as the corona is negative

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