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Anupamaa-Vanraj is preparing for Puja, Nandini will be engaged with Samar


New Delhi: Director Rajan Shahi is called ‘king of relationships’. From Naitik-Akshara to Kartik Naira, he has given many beautiful stories to Indian TV shows. Through the TV show Anupamaa, he has given audiences like Kinjal-Paritosh and Samar-Nandini. Summer and Nandini’s love story is going to go one step further in this show.

Vanraj agreed to marry
Anupama tells Vanraj that she wants Samar and Nandini (Samar-Nandini) to be engaged and Vanraj (Vanraj) agrees. Rather, he also starts preparing for this engagement. In the show, Anupam and Vanraj organize a small puja in which they pray for the happiness of both.

Poetry is not enjoying happiness
On this special occasion, the entire Shah family gets together and it is a happy moment for everyone. However, Kavya is not happy to see Vanraj and Anupama (Anupama) together. She is not having these happy eyes of both of them and she also announces on this occasion that Vanraj and Anupama will be divorced the very next day.

What will be the reaction of Vanraj?
What will Vanraj do now? Will he and Anupamana really make their way? Or will Vanraj flare up to do this on poetry? How and what will be the wedding of Saman and Nandini? There are many questions for which fans will get answers in the coming episodes. Let me tell you that in the case of TV show Anupama TRP is in the top 5.

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