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Delhi weekend curfew: Here’s how to get an e-pass


A weekend curfew was announced by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to control the rapid spike in Covid-19 cases.

The curfew is effective from 10 pm on Friday till 5 am on Monday. Only essential services are exempted from the curfew.

Passengers can travel by showing a valid ticket. Doctors can show their ID during the curfew.

Those who do not have a government ID and are involved in delivering essential services can apply for e-passes.

Here’s how to get an e-pass:

1. Visit the Delhi government’s official website https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init/

2. Select the language of your choice and then click on apply for e-pass during night curfew

3.Submit your personal details and other documents that are required.

4. State the duration for which you need the e-pass.

5.You will get an e-pass number through which you can check the status of your e-pass.


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