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Signs of fourth wave coming out: New cases of corona decrease for the third consecutive day in Delhi, no death control


Early signs of the fourth wave of corona virus have also started in Delhi. On Monday for the third consecutive day, there has been a decrease in new cases. Also, for the first time after April 16, less than 20 thousand patients have met in a day. However, the government is failing to reduce the number of deaths due to oxygen and bed crisis. For the first time 448 people have died in a day.

According to the Health Department, 18043 people have been infected with corona in the last one day. While 20,293 patients were discharged. Out of 61,045 samples examined, the corona infection rate has been recorded at 29.56 percent. Meanwhile, 448 patients succumbed during treatment.

If you look at the Corona graph in the capital, on April 30, 27047 cases were found. This was followed by 25,219 cases on May 1 and 20,394 cases on May 2. It is being said that in view of new cases falling less than three days, the peak of the fourth wave has been reached in Delhi. Although New Delhi-based Dr. Divendu Verma says that if the number of patients remains low for a week, then it can be said that Delhi has started coming out of the fourth wave. However, the current situation is such that it may take at least one to two months to completely come out of this wave. Meanwhile, if people do not follow the rules, then the fifth wave may have to be faced.

The total number of infected patients in the capital has increased to 12,12,989 out of which 11,05,983 patients have become healthy. At the same time 17414 patients have died. Currently, the number of active patients is also decreasing every day. There are currently 89,592 active patients, of which 50,441 are in isolation in their homes. 44,052 areas have been sealed due to corona infection.

Only 1,611 youths took the vaccine
On Monday, the Delhi government gave a big boost to the youth vaccine program but in the evening when the vaccination figures came out, only 1,611 people were informed to get the vaccine in one day, out of which 1,260 first and 351 Took the second dose. Whereas the day before this figure was more than 45 thousand.

However, the reason for the lack of corona investigation is also a reason
There has been a decrease in new cases during the last three days, but one of the reasons behind this is the lack of corona investigation. In the last one day, 61,045 samples were tested, whereas before that, on May 2, 71,997 samples were tested on May 1 and on April 30, 82,745 samples were tested. This clearly shows that the decreasing corona investigation has also affected the growing graph of new cases.

If the government wants, it can save the lives of patients
Dr. R. Gangakhedkar, former infectious disease specialist of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), says that the deaths of corona patients can be prevented. We proved it last year. If the patient gets treatment on time, then we can do this. In home isolation, the patient will have to pay attention to medical advice at home, adequate bed and oxygen arrangements in hospitals as soon as possible.


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