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Return of Mukhtar Ansari: Bahubali handed over to UP Police, Mukhtar’s Banda Yatra begins


02:59 PM, 06-Apr-2021

UP police has returned for nine times

Medical Board of Ropar Jail Administration had told Mukhtar Ansari many serious diseases including sugar, depression (depression), slip disc, heart disease. By citing this, the Punjab government has been returned to the UP police nine times so far.

02:37 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Via Banud convoy

According to the police, Mukhtar Ansari is being taken to Via Banud UP.

02:08 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Ansari handed over to UP Police

Mukhtar Ansari is placed in an ambulance. Gate changed at the last moment, taken out of number 2. After this, Ansari’s Banda Yatra started.

02:07 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Last-minute replacement

At the last moment, the location of Mukhtar was taken out.

02:06 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Punjab Police taking photo of UP Police vehicles

The paperwork is in the final stages. Punjab Police personnel are taking pictures of vehicles of UP Police.

02:03 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Paperwork time

The UP police has been inside the jail premises for over two hours. Ansari’s shifting is taking time due to the time taken in paperwork. According to sources, now the paperwork is in the final stages.

01:46 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Alert from Ropar to Banda

Punjab Police officials said that under Mukhtar Ansari’s return to UP, all the districts en route from Ropar to Banda have been alerted.

01:42 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Punjab police will be with only Punjab border

At the same time, the UP Police team will take Mukhtar Ansari to UP. No Punjab Police personnel will go to UP together. Punjab Police personnel will remain under Mukhtar’s protection only within the border of Punjab.

01:31 PM, 06-Apr-2021

PAC’s platoon also included in the convoy

The team arriving from Banda in UP includes a DSP, two inspectors, six ASIs, 20 head constables, 30 constables, a PAC platoon, GPS-equipped Vajra vehicles, 10 police vehicles, doctors and ambulances.

01:23 PM, 06-Apr-2021

All UP Police personnel are equipped with modern weapons.

A team of about 100 policemen from UP has come to Punjab to take Ansari from Ropar to Banda Jail. All jawans are equipped with modern weapons and bulletproof jackets.

01:16 PM, 06-Apr-2021

SSP reached Ropar jail

SSP Ropar Akhil Chaudhary has reached Ropar Jail. They are taking stock of security before Ansari’s shifting. After talking to the police personnel, he left from the spot.

01:09 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Mukhtar’s henchmen have come in 12 vehicles

According to information received from the CIA, his henchmen have already left Ropar before Mukhtar’s departure. According to sources, in addition to the police vehicles, 12 vehicles of Ansari’s henchmen also came to Ropar.

01:03 PM, 06-Apr-2021

Police deployed at both gates of Ropar jail

Police has been deployed at both the gates of Ropar Jail. UP police vehicles entered the jail premises an hour ago. Paperwork may take longer.

12:52 PM, 06-Apr-2021

All the items needed are being kept in an ambulance

All the items needed along the way are being kept in the ambulance carrying Ansari. Mukhtar had expressed some desire to the police. It also includes sugar free juice.

12:45 PM, 06-Apr-2021

The convoy will leave from NH 44

The route that took Mukhtar Ansari to Banda Jail included National Highway 44. There are more than nine highways on this route.


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