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Center advice: 14-day strict lockdown where infection is high


In view of the frightening pace of the Corona virus epidemic, the central government has asked the states to impose a 14-day strict lockdown in areas where the infection is high, so as to help break the infection. The Center has asked states to gather information on areas where the infection rate is 10 percent or more. Locally lockdown can be imposed in these areas. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government has extended the lockdown from Friday evening to Tuesday morning till seven in the morning till May 6 at seven in the morning. On the other hand, lockdown has been imposed till May 11 in Chandigarh.

The Union Health Ministry said on Monday that apart from the high infection rate, if the maximum number of patients are coming to a particular place or where there is more number of patients, then local lockdown can be imposed. However, the Center has not recommended a lockdown in the entire state or district. According to the ministry, there are about 250 districts in the country where the infection rate of corona is 10 percent or more. There has also been a slight improvement in the condition of these districts during the last one week. The government has asked the states to re-identify the districts or places where the maximum number of cases are being received. Many times it is also seen that a village or town in the same district is the most affected, while in other places there is not a single case of infection. In such a situation, it would be better to put a 14-day lockdown in the infection affected village or town itself.

Transition rate over 15 percent in 22 states
The ministry has claimed early signs of a weakening of the second wave. However, even if the infection rate is taken into consideration, there are 22 states where it is more than 15 percent. Apart from these, the infection rate in nine states is 5 to 15 percent and in only five states it is less than five percent. According to the World Health Organization, the condition can be easily controlled up to five percent infection rate.

IGST exemption on import of Kovid relief material
The government on Monday has exempted the import of Kovid-related relief materials on the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) till June 30. This rebate is given on all relief material, which is given to charity for free distribution or free outside India. This exemption will also apply to those goods which have already been imported, but have not received the clearance from customs ports. The government has already exempted customs duty on Kovid relief material, including Remedicivir injection.

24 deaths due to lack of oxygen in Karnataka
More than 24 patients died due to lack of oxygen in Chamarajanagar, Karnataka. These include 23 corona-infected and patients suffering from another disease. It is being said that all the patients who were undergoing treatment with corona were on ventilator. However, the government has denied the lack of oxygen.

New patients found less in the country for the second consecutive day, there was no decrease in deaths
There has been a slight decrease in new cases of corona in the country for the second consecutive day. More than four lakh people got corona infected on Saturday, but their number remained less than four lakh on Sunday and Monday. At the same time, more than three lakh patients were cured in one day. However, every day does not appear to be successful in preventing death due to infection. According to the Ministry of Health, 3,68,147 new cases were detected in one day, while 3,00,732 patients were discharged. During this period 3,417 patients died.

21.19 percent infection rate every day
At present, the rate of recovery from corona in the country has been 81.79 percent. In 10 states, 73.49 per cent of the patients were sent from hospitals to their homes. However, the rate of daily infection in the country has reached 21.19 percent. In the last one day, 74 percent of the cases have been reported in 10 states. The highest number of cases were found in Maharashtra, 56,647, 37,733 in Karnataka and 31,959 in Kerala. At the same time, the number of active cases has increased to 34,13,642.

The infection rate in 250 districts is between 10 and 15 percent.
More than 3 lakh cases are being reported continuously for the last 12 days, while this figure of Corona has also crossed four lakhs a day. The situation has become such that the infection rate in 150 districts is more than 15 percent, while the infection rate in 250 districts is between 10 and 15 percent.

UP: 29,192 infected in a day, 38,687 recovered
Lucknow. In the last one day 29,192 new patients have been found in UP, while 288 people have died due to corona. At the same time, 38,687 patients have recovered and returned home. So far, 13,447 deaths have occurred due to infection in the state. At the same time, the total number of active cases has increased to 2,85,832.

Odisha, Bihar, MP followed by journalist Corona warrior in Bengal
New Delhi. Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh followed by West Bengal declared journalists as Corona warriors. In Madhya Pradesh, all the recognized journalists of the state have been included in the category of frontline personnel. At the same time, all recognized and yellow card journalists in Punjab are now included in the list of Corona Warrior.


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